Katarzyna Sadej is an international performer in opera and classical music, and devotes her time equally to music, visual art, and environmental artivism. As “KATSAD” she creates figurative, semi-realist and abstract acrylic paintings; oil pastel paintings; glass art; photography; and graphite sketches.

Inspired by ethereal, folklore, surreal and semi-realist art, she is drawn to bright, expressive colors, fine details, texture, and defining emotions on a canvas, not only through the faces of her subjects, but also through the atmosphere and movement created in the background. As her artistic skills developed, she was as equally influenced by the impressionist masters as she was by modern cartoon and comic artists. When painting is involved, she is drawn to how much an artist can create a new world or vision purely through imagination and creativity. Her oil pastel work, mainly focused on wildlife portraits, is passionately connected to her environmental art activities.

“Inspired by music, psychology and wildlife, my art is a representation of my imagination and life experiences. I do not try to emulate other visual artists, but instead, follow the pull of my subconscious mind.”


Visit www.katarzynasadej.com for more information on her musical performances activities.

Other Social Media: https://linktr.ee/katarzynasadej