Glass Art by KATSAD

General information and a frequently asked question:

These glass art pieces, like paintings, are one-of-a-kind artisanal works that can be passed down from generation to generation. 

What is the process?

Stained glass is a very specialized artform that has several important steps, which are all very time-consuming, utilizing specialty materials like colored glass, lead came, lead/zinc solder and copper. Firstly, the colored glass itself must be sourced. The glass is then cut by hand according to the desired design, ground, copper-foiled, and soldered together. The entire piece must also be washed several times in between steps, and finally polished and sealed with wax.  Glass art by KATSAD is created using the artist’s own designs, which also take additional hours to prepare. KATSAD’s designs are intricate and complex, requiring that each piece of glass is uniquely cut. If the glass cuts are curved vs straight, that also requires more time. Take a close look at her one-of-a-kind glass pieces – what makes them truly unique is that each piece of cut glass is different.      

When comparing to many other stained glass pieces you may find online, for example, notice the difference in complexity and originality in a custom-designed piece.  

These pieces are locally handmade, with love, in a small mountain town in Canada. 


Every so often (once per year recommended) you can very gently wash your glass pieces with a small amount of soap and water, then gently wipe dry. Always be very careful and gentle when handling glass! You can also use a glass cleaner to wipe or shine your piece. If you would like this done by the artist, bring the piece in for a small fee to freshen the piece.   

“Mountain Landscape” by KATSAD